Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations


Boys Monday & Wednesdays Red T-Shirt, Navy blue half pant, white socks with red color stripes, black shoes
  Tuesday & Thursday Orange T-Shirt, Navy blue half pant, white socks with orange color stripes, black shoes
  Friday Colorful dress
Girls Monday & Wednesdays Red T-Shirt, Navy blue Skirt, white socks with Red color stripes, black shoes
  Tuesday & Thursday Orange T-Shirt, Navy blue Skirt, white socks with orange color stripes, black shoes
  Friday Colorful dress


Regular Boys: - cream shirt, grey half pant (std 1st to 4th), Full pant (5th to 12th), Black Shoes with grey shocks, maroon tie.
Girls: - cream shirt, grey skirt, half legging, Velcro shoes & white socks (std.1 to 4)
Cream shirt, grey skirt, half legging koti. Black shoes & grey socks, maroon tie. (std.5th to 12th )
P.T T-shirt color is according to house distribution (t-shirt and trouser, White socks with four color of stripes & black shoes.
  • School uniform will be available at Vidhyarthi Uniform. (Add; shop no.28-29.C/o. L.P.Savani Complex, Near L.P.Savani Circle, Honey Park Road,Adajan) PH no.9924386787, 0261-3112239
  • School uniforms must be washed, ironed and worn daily, with polished shoes and clean socks.
  • P.T Uniform should be worn on every Wednesday and Saturday.

School fee will be accepted by cash or cheque favouring “LORD KRISHNA SCHOOL”; Submit PDC (post-dated cheques) on 1st June or at the time of admission.

  • Your child’s birthday will be a special day in our school. Please send your child in a fancy but decent dress on his / her birthday.
  • Do not send Chocolates/Gifts to school, instead you may donate a book to the class / school library.
  • School Diary must be used regularly for communication and home work must be checked & signed every day.
  • Leave note signed by Parents must be mentioned in the dairy in case of absence.
  • Please do not send your child to school if he / she is unwell.
  • Parents can write remarks in school diary which will be checked by Class Teacher.
  • Parents should not make unnecessary phone calls as teachers won’t be available on phone during their lectures.
  • 85% attendance of your child is compulsory to appear in final exam.
  • Academic calendar must be closely followed to check Holidays, Activities and Assessments.
  • Homework given must be daily supervised.
  • All books and notebooks must be covered and labeled properly.
  • Parents and Tuition teachers must not write anything in the notebooks/workbooks.
  • School bags must be packed every day as per the given Time – Table.
  • Test Copies must be signed & returned on the very next day.
  • Project Book must be submitted on time.
  • Unit test will be conducted after completion of chapter.
  • Monthly test will be conducted every last Saturday of the month.
  • Pick Up & Drop Points will be decided by the Contractor
  • Please note Van number driver’s name & contact no timings of pickup and drop off points. Parents must be at the pickup and drop off points 5 minutes before the given time. The Van shall stop at the points for only 20 seconds.
  • Parents will pay transport fee to the contractor
  • Do not hand over school fee or other valuable belongings to driver.
  • Students must wear their ID cards every day.
  • Parents must send 1 Napkin, 1 Handkerchief, Water bottle & Tiffin with healthy food (Junk food is not allowed)
  • Bags, Tiffin’s, Water bottles, Uniforms, Shoes & Stationery box must be labeled or marked with a permanent marker. Nails must be cut regularly it will be checked.
  • Boys should have short groomed haircut.
  • Girls with long hair should have it tied. Only black ribbons must be worn.
  • Students will not use foul or offensive language.
  • Students will not break or damage school property. Any damage to school property should be reported to the class teacher immediately
  • Students will not litter (throw waste) in (or outside) the school premises.